"Graphical Programming and
Structure Editing Framework"
Future Plans
Future work can be divided into three categories:
Work on the Framework
  • a generic Default-Model
  • a Meta Model to describe binding points of models and visualisations/editors
  • completion and testing of the plugin architecture
  • completion of the generic load/save
  • integration of the extensions architecture plus configuration tools for extensions to data models and visualisations/editors
Work on Models
  • making the OO-model executeable; graphically edited programs can be tested at once (and do not have to be exported and compiled first)
  • combinator parser model; bound to suitable editors, the graphical definiton of grammars (and therefore of parsers and generators) becomes available; will be used to individually import/export data models
  • codegenerating tools to ease the adaptation of existing data models to DLVaE
  • example: generator, that generates a corresponding data model out of a XML-DTD or schema; bound to an arbitrary (suitable, also generated?) editor, valid XML-documents can be edited
  • more data models on concrete applications/prototypes/examples
Work on Visualisations/Editors
  • generic graph editor (codename 'spiderweb'); based on JGraph or yFiles from yWorks?
  • generic 3D-editor
  • slot & filler editor; locking a filler (icon) into a slot, triggers an action or opens a specific object inspector for the filler's data object
  • OTF-parser editor; texteditor that parses simultaneously and releases DLVaE-actions by recognising appropriate parts
  • completion of AWT-Adapter
  • JFC-Adapter; adapter layer for Swing (JFC) components
  • Reengineering the function editors; separating their components, so the op-tree part and the sequence part can be used independently (without function-specific parts); integration of new functionalities: layout, differencing, drafts etc.
  • RMI editor; passive, 'invisible visualisation'; enables to synchronise the data models of two applications in different JVMs via RMI (Remote Method Invocation)
  • Morph editor; editor, that allows to draw and relate arbitrary 2D-shapes
  • design and implementation of graphical configuration tools for all visualisations/editors (old and new); based on Java Beans?
  • more specific editors on concrete applications/prototypes/examples
In progress there will be additional work on automation mechanisms for binding of models and visualisations and also for generating selected visualisations for models (reduplication).